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Lorrie KNITS! meets some of the kindest enterprising people, many of whom run their businesses with warm smiles and inviting, open hearts.  Connect with some of the wonderful people, supporters and associates Lorrie KNITS! has come to know and appreciate!

Giordano Brothers "Tha Mission" District

The conception of Lorrie KNITS! Bottle Hoodeez came about at Giordano Bros, Mission District, San Francisco, Ca.  A bartender, a master mixologist asked Lorrie KNITS! to make a "cover" for his bottle to make it stand out.  And the Bottle Hoodeez was born!

Lorrie KNITS!

Bottle Hoodeez

Lorrie KNITS! Sweater Key Chains

Lorrie KNITS! Photo Collection photo shoot location 2015 courtesy of Ampersand, San Francisco.

Most of the Lorrie KNITS! cache is purchased in this quaint little spot in the Castro District.  Thanks to Imagiknit, one of the few yarn boutiques available in San Francisco, California.

Lorrie KNITS! Sweater Key Chains and Bottle Buds are inspired by Red Heart Yarn patterns.

Giordano Bros. photo courtesy of Lorrie KNITS! 2015

Ampersand courtesy of Lorrie KNITS! 2015

Red Heart logo, courtsey of Red Heart Yarns.

Imagiknit courtesy of, Lorrie KNITS!, 2013

Ravelry logo is Trademarked by Ravelry and not associated with Lorrie KNITS!  Also featured Cory (in Bar), Roman (in brown hat).

The Lorrie KNITS! Accessories Collection can be found on the LK! Esty website.

Lorrie KNITS! will occasionally feature items on the Gallery page from outside patterns that are used for modeling. Only Lorrie KNITS! items from original LK patterns are for sale.  

Lorrie KNITS! Introduces the Knit Pattern of the Month! - SLOUCHY HATS!!

Featured on the GALLERY page.  Slouchy hats (gifts) made from patterns found at Revelry by designer, Jamie Sande. The green hat worn by female model, Dianne and blue hat worn by male model, Joe.  "Reversible" blue hat worn by Austin.

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