Made especially for you!  The Lorrie KNITS! handknit tiny sweater accessories in colors to celebrate a new arrival!  May be used for baby shower gifts, keychains (key chain loop Optional), or bag charm.   


Just a note: Stock changes Bi-weekly, check the QUANTITY tab for updates. 


Celebrate handmade with LOVE, celebrate Lorrie KNITS!  

BABY Tiny Sweater

  • Made with Acrylic yarn, sometimes with Cotton blend. The sweaters include washing labels and metal key rings. If I run out of labels please NOTE: It is best to wash by hand and lay flat DO NOT use dryer, might shrink. Some sweaters may be embellished with hand-sewn Seed beads - Optional, of course.

  • ITEMS: Unless otherwise stated, I ususally do made-to-order.  LorrieKNITS! takes an "ole skool" approach to products; ALL knit/crochet items are hand made by ONE WOMAN; no third party manufacturer is involved. LorrieKNITS! strives to make as perfect an item as she can, however, sometimes imperfection is inevitable, sorry.  RETURNS: There are no returns or exchanges.  Thank you! Lorrie



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